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Top 6 Tips to Make Your Baby Walk Sooner but Not Forcibly

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Top 6 Tips to Make Your Baby Walk Sooner but Not Forcibly

Top 6 Tips to Make Your Baby Walk Sooner but Not Forcibly

Typically a baby begins walking on her own from the 12th to 15th month of her age, though some may start walking as early as in the 9th month, while some others may begin walking as late as 1 and a half years.

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Several things affect the time when the baby would start walking among which genetics is a major one. But despite these things, babies can start walking with their parents’ encouragement.

Here are tips with which parents can help their baby walk.

1. Try to Strengthen Baby’s Back Muscles

It’s commonly believed that leg muscles are important for walking. However, this is not entirely true since back muscles too are of immense importance for walking.

All in all, parents should try to strengthen their baby’s back muscles and for this, they should encourage head and neck movements by attracting their attention to objects placed on sides.

Parents should also encourage their baby to lie on his stomach.

These activities will enable the baby to control muscles and help him start walking sooner.

2. Encourage Your Baby to Play Games

If you make your baby play with fun toys like the ones you can get at https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/, and involve her in interesting games, she can learn to walk.

Toys and activities will make your baby able to have a better control on her hands and legs, move her body faster and thus be encouraged to walk.

3. Practise Coordination

An ability to balance is of utmost importance when a baby tries to walk. Parents can begin giving a practice of balance and coordination to their baby after he is able to sit up.

A great trick is to roll a ball towards and away from your baby, which will inspire him to keep a balance while moving to and fro, and from one side to the other.

4. Learn to Help Your Baby in Walking

Knowing how to help your baby while walking is important. At first, you should support him above him ribs.

Once he becomes stable, you must support him around his hips to make sure his core muscles stay stable and strong.

5. Try Walking Toys

Consider providing baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop to your baby that can help her stand up and take steps.

Once she stands on her own, her confidence will increase and also her ability to walk. Walking toys are a great help at this stage.

They make your baby learn moving and maintaining balance. These toys also have rewards for your baby in the form of musical embellishments or lights that function while your baby walks.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

6. Prefer Keeping the Baby Barefoot

It’s always easy for babies to walk barefoot because their feet are naturally made up for gripping the surface more easily when left uncovered, than walking with socks and shoes.

Although socks and shoes are essential when the ground is very cold or rough, they are not favourable while learning to walk.

Also, strange-looking shoes may divert your baby’s attention from walking.

Last but not the least, remember not to force your baby for walking. Just keep trying to make him strong and healthy, so that he’ll become active and start walking sooner.