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Special Sales Tips For Sales Optimization Before The Close Of 2018

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Special Sales Tips For Sales Optimization Before The Close Of 2018

Special Sales Tips For Sales Optimization Before The Close Of 2018

2018 is fast racing towards the closing line. Have you realized the sales targets? If the answer to the question is “no,” it is time to rethink the best strategy to get more from this shopping period. Even if you have already hit the target, you still need to sales because the next season cannot be easy to predict. The following are the top three sales tips that will guarantee optimal sales for the store.

Create a special experience with colors

Colors are critical in luring potential clients to your store. They have the power to evoke irresistible emotions and determine how the market perceives your store and products. You should use bold colors to catch the eye of the target client and stand out from the rest. Here are some key questions to ask when selecting and using colors in your retail store.

  • What products are you selling?
  • What is the target audience and what colors does it prefer?
  • What are the neighbors and competitors using?

Here, the goal is appearing different from others and driving better connection with the client. Remember that you cannot simply stick to one type of color for all the seasons. Rather, you should change with time to reflect the shifting clients’ needs.

Build a theme and stick to it throughout the store

The fast-growing number of retail stores can easily confuse clients. As a retail store manager, you need to get extra creative to win more customers. You can achieve this by setting themes based on seasons.

For example, think of a great Christmas, Halloween and other festive season themes to match with the audience expectations. You can also create other small themes in between the main seasons to augment sales. Once you have selected a good theme use the following tips to make it convert to sales:

  • Be consistent with it throughout the retail store.
  • Attach a unique enticement such as a discount.
  • Give a unique offer to clients who refer new users under the theme.

Target all the customer senses in your store

Though visual merchandising is primarily aimed at aesthetics, you will make more by engaging all the clients’ senses. The client needs to get emotionally connected to the kitchenware, fashion items, jewelry items or other items on sale to convert.

  • How will the client feel when he enters the store?
  • What is driving these senses?
  • Is there a better way to improve them?

Make it easy for the clients to feel the items, direct them with appropriate visual cues, and pick the right sense of smell where applicable. If your retail store is dealing with food, get a way of having the clients to taste.