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Industrial pollution in water

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Industrial pollution in water

Industrial pollution in water

Have you hear the world of pollution in the past from your elders which we hear so much these days. The reason behind the human lifestyle somehow. In the past, people do not use motor vehicles for travelling. They use natural ways of travelling which are slow in nature but did not harm the earth environment and human life. But now we see so much pollution in our environment that it is the basic cause of many deadly diseases in human life. But this all starts in the past when humans move toward industrialization and did not know it’s bad results on the environment in the future.

People are considering that era the golden era of human life stander growth because people making money in that phase of time. No one considers its bad effects on the environment seriously. Which gave us the number of new diseases in the future? Developed countries somehow take action on it well before now but developing and underdeveloped countries still not considering it a threat to human life. The main threat to human lives in these industries is water pollution. This occurred by these companies from many past decades and making people sick.

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Water Pollution and Industry:

The main reason for water pollution is industrial waste which they are throwing in water. Industry waste is the harmful chemicals which they use during the production of a product and their waste they through into the water. Governments have proper policies on waste handling and recycling but these companies do not consider the polices and through waste in sea waters and other water resources which will consume by humans.

The reason why these companies do not follow the waste handling procedures is that it increases their cost. So these companies through their waste in the water. Developed companies take strict action on such companies which involved in these kinds of activities which will help them to reduce water pollution in their countries. They are giving them proper machines which help them in waste processing or help them to recycle their waste. They are providing them with subsidies when they are following waste policies actively.

But in developing countries, these trends are not seen by the government side and they do not have any strict policies against that act which help companies to do it openly. In developed countries companies who are working on safe environment mission, people prefer their product to use.

Industrial pollution is one side of water pollution but it is the major one there are several other factors in it which will also be discussed and stoped on government level in developing countries. Because people in developing countries are facing more problem related to water diseases than any other country. So they have to take strict action against those industries who are throwing their waste in waters and developed strong environmental police which helps them to take strict actions against these companies.