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The Best Drugstore Mascara’s for Newbie Makeup Lovers

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The Best Drugstore Mascara’s for Newbie Makeup Lovers

The Best Drugstore Mascara’s for Newbie Makeup Lovers

You’ve finally decided to give makeup a try and are utterly confused about what to buy? Well, we’ve listed down the best drugstore mascaras to make your decision easy, at least when you’re about to shop for a mascara to enhance your beautiful eyes.

1- Lengthening

a) J.Cat Love Live Lash Lengthening Mascara (Lengthening Mascara):

This mascara is perfect for giving extra length to your eyelashes. The formula conditions your lashes and primes them by creating a lengthening effect. It adds a faint volume to intensify the thickness of your eyelashes.

b) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (Very Black):

With an exclusive fanning brush and many layers of bristles to give length and full-fan effect to your eyelashes. This mascara by Maybelline has our heart, its help to give a slight curl to your eyes and prominent length makes your eyes look sensational. It’s suitable for people who wear contact lens and is ophthalmologist tested.

c) The Mascara Revolution:

This mascara by the Makeup Revolution has an hourglass-shaped brush which will give your eyelashes a natural curl and the highly pigmented formula add amazing length. It won’t flake or smudge throughout the day and its rich consistency dries out quickly leaving your lashes perfect fanned-out. It’s a Makeup Revolution product that we have truly fallen in love with, especially for its easy on the pocket pricing.

a) Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara (Very Black):2- Volume

For intense, powerful and voluminous eyelashes, use this product by Maybelline. Its big shot brush is made up of unique bristles that fans out your lashes and its collagen enriched formula keeps them strong. It’s also ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.

b) Golden Rose Essential Great Curl & Volume Mascara Waterproof:

For a gorgeous curling and voluminous effect, let this mascara define those pretty eyes. It’s special curved brush and the unique formula gives the perfect curl to straight lashes, lifts them right up and gives your entire look an edgy-look with splendidly defined eyes.

c) Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara:

For crazy voluminous lashes is what you need! It adds volume to your lashes like no other mascara, with its deep-black creamy formula and texture let your crazy eyes speak for themselves. Its extra-large plastic brush covers every lash and makes them look beautifully thick.

3- Waterproof

a) Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara:

Don’t let things get too scandalous! Perfect to use in the summers doesn’t smudge or flakes. Lasts for up to 24hrs formulated with special flexible polymers to give extreme volume to your lashes without clumping them. This mascara makes your eyelashes the center of attention and adds boldness to your entire look.

b) E.L.F Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara: 

The newly improved formula of this mascara creates thick, long-looking lashes. Its enhanced brush defines every individual eye giving you an edge to edge control for multiple coating. Its waterproof formula is smudge-free and survives extreme conditions.

c) Mistine Boss Series X Extreme Black & Waterproof Mascara:

With an extreme black formula, this mascara gives volume and effectively curls your lashes, giving your eyes a bold and classy look. Its rocket brush gives maximum coverage in just one single step and lasts all day long. It also consists of panthenol to make your lashes stronger and prevent them from breaking.

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