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After-Christmas Shopping Tips

Transcript 00:00 stores and malls get crowded right after 00:01 Christmas some people are looking to 00:03 make returns or use gift cards some may 00:05 be hunting for those post holiday 00:07 markdowns here with your post holiday 00:09 game plan is Benjamin Glaser he is a 00:12 features editor at deal news thank […]

Shopping Tips for Antique Markets

Transcript 00:06 Are you going vintage shopping this summer? 00:08 Here are my tips for shopping at antique markets. 00:12 Wear comfortable shoes: you’re going to be on for feet for hours. 00:16 Bring layers, because you never know when the weather might change. 00:19 That also means have an umbrella. 00:21 Sellers are resilient […]